Firm News

4th Annual No-Fault Summit

On April 27 and 28, Dylan Beadle attended the 4th Annual No-Fault Summit at St. John’s Convention Center in Plymouth, MI. The Summit presented constructive guidance in the world of Michigan’s No-Fault litigation, including Evidentiary Hurdles in Musculoskeletal and Brain Injury Cases, and Proving and Refuting Fraud in No-Fault Cases. The Summit also included discussions on the application of controversial cases, such as Bazzi v. Sentinel and the impact on innocent third parties, as well as Covenant v. State Farm, which has the No-Fault field holding its breath in anticipation of a Supreme Court decision.

Fundraiser for The Gift of Life

On July 29th, “Team MFW” is participating in a fundraiser for the Gift of Life in honor of staff member, Kellie Zahara, and in memory of her son, Ryan.  See the attached link for her story and how you can...