Fire & Theft

Moblo Fleming, P.C. regularly represents insurance companies in the defense of claims for coverage from fire and theft in the state of Michigan.

Fire & Theft - Moblo Fleming, P.C. - fire-burnt-houseSuccessful handling of arson claims requires experience in accounting, fire science, construction and insurance coverage.

Dan Fleming specifically has a long history of successfully resolving fire and theft claims. His experience and judgment that comes with that experience is put to work for our clients in the defense of these claims.

Additionally, we have conducted hundreds of examinations under oath dealing with a variety of claims in Michigan, including auto theft, first-party PIP, fire loss, personal property theft and third-party claim. We can benefit our clients by identifying questionable claims and aggressively defending them.

Our Thorough Investigation Team Will Go the Extra Mile to Review the Facts

As part of our fire and theft insurance claim defense process, we often conduct on-scene investigations, background investigations, site reviews and interviews in order to thoroughly analyze the facts affecting the claim. This allows us to develop a comprehensive defense strategy for protecting your company.

Insurance Fraud Litigation is Complex and Requires a Proactive Approach

As a small, boutique firm, we focus on having intimate knowledge and understanding each client’s case. When it comes to property damage and theft claims, proactive representation and litigation management, combined with hands-on investigations and assessments are the keys to getting results. We make a point of keeping our clients involved and informed through each step of the case, whether it requires mediation, arbitration or a jury trial.

We're a boutique firm with an incredible roster of talent. When you choose us, you get the expertise of a seasoned attorney who is committed to giving your case the care and attention it deserves. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation.