Fraud Investigations

Our Michigan attorneys provide comprehensive insurance fraud investigation services to assist in building the most effective case possible.

Insurance Fraud InvestigationsWhen it comes to litigation, trials and appeals, success often relies on the ability of the defense to effectively collect evidence and verify facts.

At Moblo Fleming, P.C., our fraud investigation team has a wide depth of experience in assisting to build a comprehensive defense strategy using a range of proven techniques.


Depending on the type of claim in question, we employ a wide range of fraud investigation techniques to assist in building your case:

Health Insurance Fraud Investigations

Health insurance fraud is typically perpetrated by both doctors and patients working together to fabricate medical needs and costs. Our fraud investigation team has experience searching both patient medical records and medical billing records to find evidence against claims for care that was not necessary, or not received.

Home Insurance Fraud Investigations

Home insurance fraud is most commonly perpetrated through false damage claims. Our team will conduct on-site investigations to determine whether or not the claimant is accurately reporting damage to his or her property, as well as being honest about the source and cause of the damage.

Car Insurance Fraud Investigations

If an insurer has reason to suspect that a car accident or auto theft claim was fabricated, or that the incident was set up intentionally in order to collect an insurance payment, our investigation team will go the extra mile to discover any evidence of fraudulent activity.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fraud Investigations

Our team will launch an extensive investigation to determine the validity of any worker’s compensation claim. This typically includes determining whether or not the claimant’s injury is as severe as reported, and that it truly resulted from an incident that occurred at their place of work.

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