Trials & Litigation

Our team has extensive experience defending insurance companies in Michigan courts through hands-on trial & litigation.

Trials & Litigation - Moblo Fleming, P.C. - trial-courtroomMoblo Fleming, P.C. focuses its practice on disputes involving insurance companies and their policyholders in the state of Michigan.

The firm advises its clients on insurance coverage for claims, claims handling procedures, claims disputes, and related issues. When it comes to complex insurance-related matters, we do not shy away from litigating cases and bringing them to trial when necessary. Since its inception, our firm has shown incredible capability in handling complex legal matters, and our range of skills allow us to offer a dynamic and flexible approach in a field where needing attention-to-detail and the ability to adapt to new information are crucial. When cases go to trial, we excel in our ability to present a persuasive and compelling case.

For examples of our trial experience, view our trial case results.

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We Specialize in Providing Effective Defense for Insurance Providers in All Matters of Appeal

The Michigan appellate attorneys in the firm handle a wide variety of appellate matters, including no-fault and auto negligence, premises liability, and insurance coverage.  The firm’s appellate lawyers are responsible for handling the appeals from lawsuits that are referred from the trial-level by attorneys in our firm’s Michigan office, located in Novi.

A small sampling of significant appeals which the firm has participated in can be viewed by browsing this summary of appeals.

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We Have a Successful Track Record of Getting Our Clients Results Through Filing & Winning Motions

Our proactive approach allows us to adapt and act effectively when litigating insurance-related matters. Attorneys are always looking for opportunities to avoid trial and weaken arguments through motions, and failure to respond quickly can have disastrous consequences for either the prosecution or defense, depending on who filed the motion. The seasoned attorneys at Moblo Fleming, P.C. understand the complexities of the law and our hands-on approach has a proven track record of successfully filing motions to resolve cases with minimal expense and hassle to our clients.

For examples of motions we have filed on behalf of insurance companies throughout Michigan, browse our case results.

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